Van Damme Knocks Out MDC-T Executive Hwende Following Khupe Attack

ALL violence, incl intra- or inter-party violence shld consistently b condemned by all political & moral leaders!

Staff Reporter | The diplomatic community has added voice to the widespread condemnation of the violence meted out against MDC Vice President Thokozani Khupe.

The international community has come out in solidarity with Khupe concerning the intra party violence which took place at the MDC Bulawayo offices.


Two ambassadors have highlighted their views on twitter about the intra party violence in MDC T. UK Ambassador Catriona sent a solidarity message via twitter about violence against women. The independent candidate for Bulawayo South constituency also sent her solidarity message via Facebook about the violence that happened.

Earlier today Hon. T Khupe was attacked by some unknown thugs at the Bulawayo party offices. The EU delegation and the British ambassador have boldly declared on twitter that they condemn all forms of violence whether it be inter or intra party. Some well-known Bulawayo activists such as the director of the Bulawayo progressive residents’ association and Mthwakazi officials have sent solidarity messages to Hon T Khupe on her attacks.

One of the major concerns is that a senior MDC official has used the social media to respond to the intra party violence. Charlton Hwende the Deputy Treasurer of the MDC T earlier on expressed his sentiments as he said people attract unnecessary problems if they hold caucus meetings that are unconstitutional.

The statement he put on his Facebook sounded if he was condoning violence in the party. The attack on Hon T. Khupe has come across as an attack to female politicians.-Online