WATCH: Frank Buyanga abducts his son from ex-wife in movie-style

BUSINESS tycoon Frank Buyanga on Thursday afternoon masterminded a movie style abduction of his son from the mother with the help of at least two other men, leaving shoppers at a Harare shopping centre shell-shocked.

In an incident that was captured on CCTV camera, two men ran towards a car where the son was with his mom, grabbed the boy and tossed him into a revving truck which sped off in no time.

The incident, which took place around 14.30 hours Thursday at a shopping centre in Waterfalls, Harare, left onlookers shell-shocked.

“I only arrived at the scene a few minutes after it happened, and all I heard were screeching tyres as the getaway car sped off,” an eyewitness told Zimbabwe Voice.

“Two unknown men in a Ford Ranger abducted the child as seen from the attached videos you are talking about. Word on the ground is that Frank Buyanga sent the guys to forcefully take his son from mother in-law.

Another eyewitness said Buyanga’s vehicle, a white BMW X7, had been seen a few minutes driving up and down a street along the shopping center, presumably on a reconnaissance mission.


“It all happened so fast that the poor woman who was with the kid, be it the mother or mother-in-law, must be wondering how it happens so quick and with pinpoint accuracy,” said the witness, who was not at liberty to be named.

Video footage captured from the supermarket’s CCTV shows a white twin-cab partly obscured by a commuter omnibus pull behind the car followed by the seizure of the minor.

Munyaradzi Bwanya, lawyer to Buyanga’s ex, Chantelle Muteswa who is also the child’s mother, confirmed police were now hunting for the South African based tycoon.

During the incident, Muteswa was allegedly assaulted by one of Buyanga’s aides.

Muteswa was in the company of another woman whose relationship to her could not be established.

“The case has been reported and the police are making frantic efforts to locate the suspect,” Bwanya said.

Buyanga has been locked in a protracted child custody wrangle with his ex-lover with the matter spilling into the courts.

The matter has also sucked in the First Family amid claims Muteswa was now dating President Emmerson Mnangagwa son Collins.

Collins is accused of facilitating the disappearance of the four-year-old boy.

In a message to Buyanga seen by South African media, an alleged witness tells him: “My brother is very close to the first family and he told me that the kidnapping of Buyanga’s son was a well-orchestrated plan. Between 10 and 11 March, Mrs Mnangagwa’s sons met with members of the police force and gave them instructions to forcefully grab your son with an outdated court order.”

The testimony continued: “The messenger of court was told to cooperate or he would lose his job. Your ex-girlfriend was again to relay her story to Mrs Auxilia Mnangagwa as a cover up so that if Number 1 [the president] asks she will cover [for] the boys.

“Right now the family has told Chantelle to go into hiding with the child until they finish dealing with you.” He warned Buyanga that his life was allegedly in danger.

“The main actors are Auxilia, Emmerson Junior and Collins. Collins is putting the pressure as he is dating Chantelle and promised her that he will make Frank lose at all costs.”

Watch the three video clips below:

  • Additional reporting by New Zimbabwe