Watch : Thokozani Khupe Visits Sangoma After Performing Rituals at Tsvangirai’s Grave

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“When a fellow journalist about two days ago shared this video showing Zim opposition leader Thokozani Khupe visiting a sangoma and dancing at an African traditional solemn ceremony in the aftermath of her controversial visit to Morgan Tsvangirai’s grave for rituals to grab the party leadership, I first resisted the temptation to post this; felt she perhaps deserves a break.
But then again I remembered that she has big political ambitions in her career and thus should be subjected to scrutiny, like every other politician. She is fair game.
Khupe had a legitimate claim to the MDC leadership in terms of the constitution and elected structure ahead of Nelson Chamisa, but the way she is battling for it is damaging her more than her rival. She is cutting her nose to spite her face; self-immolation.
Working with Zanu PF, engaging in rituals and visiting sangomas, and leveraging the regime sympathy to win the battle for party political power is not good for her ultimately.
Leadership is very much like an art form more than it is a science, particularly voodoo science. And yet, we can’t discount the role of modern science in it.
However, graves, rituals and sangomas certainly can’t produce good leadership.
That is partly why Mugabe and his tyrannical regime were a calamitous failure: they were superstitious and rooted in occult.
And indeed that a man with seven university degrees like Mugabe and several minsiters with PhDs could seriously believe that diesel could ooze from a rock in a remote village, ridiculously claiming ancestors had smiled on them to end their sea of troubles flowing from their corruption, incompetence and misrule, tells us how damaging to the mind and rationality voodoo and superstition can be.
It’s things like these that make people reject modern science and end up just believing in superstition and voodoo.”-Dumisani Muleya

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