Woman hospitalised after four hour romp hell

A Gutu woman has been left hospitalised after enduring a four hour romp with her drunk husband.

Ndomupei Machimbidzofa of Makaripe Village in Chief Nyamandi near Mushavanhu Business Centre was last Thursday left bleeding profusely and her private parts needing some stitches after the sordid act. Her genitals were also heavily swollen, according to a medical report.

The matter was reported at Gutu Police Station but Machimbidzofa refused to continue with the case or go to the Police station after being discharged from hospital on Sunday.

She was admitted on Thursday afternoon last week. Her father was furious but she insisted that her marriage and the future of her four children was more important than both her health and safety.

Family sources said the husband, identified as Fidelis Nhachi was abusive and assaulted his wife whenever he was drunk.

A Police report seen by The Mirror indicates that Nhachi came from a beer drink at around 2pm on Wednesday and ordered his wife into the bedroom. He then forced her into s.ex and they were locked in the bedroom until 6pm when they had it non-stop.


A letter by Sergeant Zhanje of Mpandawana reads, “May you please assist Ndomupei Machimbidzofa of Village Makaripe, Chief Nyamandi Mushayavanhu who had sexual intercourse with her husband on the 29th of June 2016 from around 1400hrs to 1800hrs and the husband later put his hand into the complainant’s vagina and she started bleeding.

“Treat the patient, ascertain the degree of injury and compile a medical report,” reads the letter.