Zim Talent Winner Releases Single

Zim Talent Winner Releases Single

2014 winner of the Zim Talent Hunt edition Nicholas Kurangwa has released a single entitled “New Day” which features dancehall musician Shinsoman.

The single, he said was inspired by the stiff competition he endured during the show and produced by This Is Russo Records.

In an interview with The Herald Entertainment, Kurangwa (24), stage name Nick Kuraz said he composed the song by himself.

“It feels good to be the best after beating other 40 contestants. My single, talks of a brand new day, showing that you should not give up and to make use of the opportunity that lies ahead of you.

“I am happy working with Shinsoman who brought the dancehall feel on the track because I am an R’n’B singer mixed with hip-hop,” he said.

Kurangwa said he was working on the video that will come out end of this month.

“I take my time in everything I do. For the single I want it to have a feel of the best from the rest.

“I am glad that I am being mentored by Russell Chiradza popularly known as Russo and we have discussed the prospects of the video of which we are beginning to shoot next week,” he said.

Kurangwa who is also a guitarist said his role model was John Meyer.

He is expected to perform this Friday at Sphinx during the launch of the winning singles collection with the other six finalists.

Commenting on the local music sector, Russo said the music is improving and growing but there was need for improvements on some aspects.

“I am happy that our music is growing and dynamic.

“It just needs some improvement in terms of quality rather than being bubblegum type.

“We have a lot of talent which also needs recognition hence local promoters and cooperate should assist upcoming musicians,” he said.

Russo said another issue which makes some of the music not to be real is lack of identity.

“Some musicians want to be what they are not. We have an identity crisis in the sector.

“If you check how some sungura musicians are big it is because they are proud of their identity and genre. I urge musicians to be original.

“S)In my studio that is the first thing that I check before I start working with you,” he said.

Russo is also the vocal mentor in the Zim Talent Hunt search.


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