Zimbabwe First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa Chases ZUPCO Driver On The Highway

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa, decided to channel the fast and furious when she daringly ordered her driver to chase an overspeeding  ZUPCO bus at  the 370km peg near Shangani. 

According to reports by Zim Morning Post, the vivacious First Lady went on to confront the speeding Zupco driver after they caught up with him.

Auxillia opened up to Zim Morning Post in an exclusive interview and narrated on how she had spotted a speeding Zupco bus along the Bulawayo-Shangani Road.

She said she instructed her driver to flash several times, signalling the bus to stop. The driver however ignored the signal

“I saw a Zupco bus speeding as if it was in a race,” said Auxillia

“I was shocked at the speed at which it was traveling at. I instructed my driver to flash the bus notifying it to stop but to no avail. It continued moving at its despicable speed,” she said.


“I quickly instructed my driver to go in hot pursuit of the bus. My vehicle overtook the bus and we had to flag it down from in front of it. The driver then stopped,” she explained.

The furious First Lady then demanded that the driver disembark from the bus and give an explanation as to why he was overspeeding and putting lives at risk.

“I was angry at the driver. I asked him why he was putting passengers’ lives at risk,” she said.

The shamefaced driver Moyo Hombarume,of the Zupco bus number 596 failed to give the First Lady a coherent explanation.

Auxilia then contacted the Harare Zupco headquarters to ascertain the qualifications of the named driver.

She urged passengers to keep checks on their drivers so they don’t overspeed or put lives at risk.

There were no comments from the ZUPCO spokespersons at the time of going to press.