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Zimbabwe does not need killer leaders , says Eric Knight

by Lex Vambe

FORMER popular ZBC Radio 2 presenter Eric Knight has said Zimbabwe needs a leader who fears God, loves the people and has the ability resuscitate the ailing nation. Knight, an aspiring Mbare MDC MP who lost his seat to Zanu PF’s Tendai Savanhu in the previous harmonized elections yesterday posted on his Face Book page that Zimbabwe should look for a leader who will fear to kill, steal and lie to the nation.

Eric Knight

Eric Knight


“My country needs leaders who are not just democratic, well if they are at all, but it needs leaders who are theocratic as well. Leaders who will fear to kill, to steal and to lie to the nation,” wrote Knight. He said it was now time to look for a leader who will recognise God as the supreme civil ruler.
“Mark my words. That is the ingredient that is lacking. It is that shortage that has plunged the country into the unfortunate state it is in. Never in my life have I ever seen a leadership that is so unconcerned about people’s Lives,” he posted. “There are leaders who will do anything just to cling to power even if it is so evident that they have failed. Leaders who will send men with button sticks and guns to beat up the same people who they claim voted for them, simply for telling them to correct error. Terrible!” Knight wrote.
The popular presenter known as “The General” among his fans during his glory days at Radio Two left ZBC in 2000 after he was victimized to be an MDC-T party member following his refusal to play propaganda songs on his popular shows. He has said there were some government officials who wanted him out of the job after alleging that he was an opposition member.-Zimbabwean


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