‘Zuma Cheats on His Wives’-report

Ellen Tshabalala’s  qualifications as SABC board chairwoman have been questioned. But reports can now reveal that she did graduate . . .e8b72126-f6b5-4c44-8fdd-4afe9a1382fc_zuma 00_237x240_B


Ellen and the “father of the nation” have allegedly been an item for years. And this well-kept secret has become the subject of gossip in the corridors of power, at Luthuli House and Parliament.

When asked to comment on the allegations yesterday, Ellen Tshabalala said: “What is your agenda? she asked. “Niyasihlukumeza (You are harassing me) on a Saturday by phoning me.

“Do you want to discredit  the President? My answer to your entire enquiry is, no one is protecting me and I don’t have a relationship with the President,” she said.

But no fewer than four independent sources close to the President have confirmed the rumours. These sources have requested anonymity for fear of losing their jobs.


Source No 1 made these allegations to the People’s Paper: “This is what we call a well-known secret. It’s actually an old story. They have a thing for each other.

“The woman is behaving like this because she has protection from him. She is a diva of note and very pompous.

She won’t listen to you because she has a direct line to Number One – both to his office and in bed.

“Her rise to the SABC leadership was not a mistake but by influence from Number One. Zuma has lots of wives but Ellen is a makhwapheni who knows her place,” said the source.

Source No 2 claimed: “The president used to visit her house in Bryanston and leave his bodyguards outside. Unfortunately, Zuma can’t marry her and she knows it.

“He can’t afford to marry her as he has a lot on his plate with Nkandla and Gupta. Another wife could create a scandal.”

Source No 3 alleged: “Zuma’s thing with Ellen goes beyond a working relationship. He used to go to see her only at night.

Her ex-husband was kicked out of the house on a number of occasions when he was there to visit his kids. When Zuma arrived, the poor ex-husband was told to leave immediately.”

Source No 4 alleged that the hot affair has been going on for more than four years. “When the President got married to Bongi Ngema in 2012, Ellen was hoping it was going to be her. She pressurized  him to marry her but she failed,” said the insider.

Last week, when the SunTeam asked Zuma’s spokesman Mac Maharaj for a comment on the allegations, he said: “Konakele Konakele Madoda! (Things are bad).

Ellen is the second chairwoman of a state parastatal to be linked with the President. Last week Mail & Guardian claimed that our busy-in-the-bedroom president was in an intimate relationship with high-flying SAA chair, Dudu Myeni.

Tshabalala is currently caught up in a controversy over her qualifications. She allegedly lied about her academic record, claiming an uncompleted course of study as a full university degree. She continues to defend her position despite strong evidence against her.

Last week the matter reached the Western Cape High Court, which ruled against her. This has paved the way for a parliamentary committee to start investigating Tshabalala.

Last year, reports suggested that the royal family in Swaziland is growing impatient with President Zuma for not marrying Princess Sebentile Dlamini.

He paid lobola for Sebentile in 2002 but has not moved forward with the marriage. Sebentile would have been his fifth wife.

Zuma currently has four wives but has been married six times. His wife Kate died and he divorced Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Photo: Andrew Mthimkhulu and Christopher Moagi