Mukadota Brand Lives On

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In countries like the US, it is easy for icons like Michael Jackson and Nat King Cole to delight fans from beyond the grave. Could we be about to see the first posthumous local production?

If Elijah Madzikatire has his wish we will soon be once again laughing our lungs out at the antics of one of the best comedians to emerge from Zimbabwe.

Memories of the late legendary comedian Safirio Madzikatire popularly known as Mukadota will not fade away as he contributed immensely to the development of the local film industry in Zimbabwe.

Mukadota who rocked in his hey days with films like “Mhuri YaMukadota” where his act was complimented by his screen wife Susan “Amai Rwizi” Chenjerai remains popular to date.

It has been almost two decades since his passing and his son Elijah has vowed to do all he can to keep his legacy alive.

“The Mukadota brand will remain alive and over the years there have been several films that we have created. I have a lot more ideas on how to strengthen the brand but due to lack of funding we are unable to produce the films,” said Elijah.

Popularly known as “Bhero Mukadota”, he recorded success in 2002 together with comedian John “Chibhodhoro” Muyambo with a self-titled comedy that was received well by enthusiasts.

He however said he had since shelved his ideas and was working with other film makers in other productions.

“For now I don’’t have funds to do my own things so I have been participating in several other films. Many are still in the pipeline,” he said.

Elijah spoke of the criticism he has been getting from his late fathers’ fans who blame him for not doing enough to continue his father’s work.

“I have no problem with critics but one thing that shows the legacy is still alive is the number of calls I receive from people from across the world. The compliment my acting talent but such support is not enough,” he said.

Elijah, who is a producer by profession started his career way in the early 70s as a musician in his father’’s band.

He abandoned music abruptly before following venturing into acting.

Again, he followed his father Safirio into radio dramas before they made it big on the big screen.

“It was unfortunate that people never noticed that I was acting with my father all those years in most of his productions as I was behind the scenes. I learnt a lot all those years and it was not very difficult to move on after he died,” he said.

Bhero has acted in popular films like “Everyone’s Child” and TV series like Studio 263.

He has also worked with musicians; Paul Matavire, Leonard Dembo and Tanga We KwaSando among others

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