Names of 13 Zimbabwean nationals who escaped South African jail released

ABOUT 13 Zimbabwean suspected armed robbers have broken out of a South African jail where they were awaiting trial, South African Police Services (Saps) said yesterday.

The group is believed to have escaped around 9:30pm on Friday during what police said was a routine cell visit.

They had been arrested for business robberies and contravention of the Illegal Immigration Act, and were identified as follows:

Jeffrey Sekunda (40)
Alex Chinhengo (26)
Usher Hamandishe (27)
Edmore Madzudzu (34)
Concelia Musengeni (35)
Jeffrey Duvenegwa (37)
Tinashe Moyo (24)
Elvis Chari (26)
Ida Jana (20)
Cosia Mabhena (19)
Ludwick Dube (19)
Luckson Manyangadze (31)
Misheck Brian (19)

The 13 were also facing charges under the immigration laws for allegedly having entered South Africa illegally.

— Rex Mphisa