Acie Lumumba is gay , kissed top Zanu PF man: Minister

MUTARE: Former Zanu PF activist Acie Lumumba is gay and insulted President Robert Mugabe because he is bitter at being kicked out of the ruling party due to his sexual orientation, a junior minister has claimed.

“Please media publish that I have said Lumumba is a gay. I want him to know that I said this in Mutare,” Manicaland provincial minister Mandi Chimene told party youths Saturday.

Lumumba, a former Harare provincial executive member and parliamentary candidate, recently resigned from Zanu PF, accusing the party leadership of corruption.

He was linked to the ruling party’s G40 faction whose lead drivers, who are also cabinet ministers, were claimed to be gay by former Zanu PF activist Temba Mliswa.

A former ally of President Mugabe’s nephew and empowerment minister Patrick Zhuwao, Lumumba was however, in the news after a sex tape featuring him and a female partner was leaked to the media.

Still, Chimene claimed that the activist is gay and warned youths they risk being sodomised if they join his party.


“Lumumba is gay. I saw him being kissed at Lion King in Harare by this senior party official from Shurugwi who now happens to be with Mujuru`s People First party,” Chimene told Zanu PF youths at Meikles Park in the eastern border city.

She was reacting after Lumumba stunned many by saying “President Robert Gabriel Mugabe F*** you” while launching his Viva Zimbabwe opposition party in the capital last Thursday.

“He (Lumumba) was kicked out of the party because President Mugabe does not tolerate homosexuals. It’s sour grapes,” said Chimene.

“Down with Lumumba, down with gays. There are none of his boyfriends in Zanu PF; so he is trying to soil the party`s name.”

The minister warned youths against joining Lumumba’s party, claiming they would be abused by the former ruling party activist.

“Be warned! If you go along with the likes of Lumumba you will sodomised,” said Chimene.

She added that Lumumba`s party would suffer a still birth as “it does not have vision for people of this country”.

“Who is Lumumba? What party can he form? As youths you did not see how President Mugabe suffered for us during the war.”

Zanu PF youth leader Mubuso Chinguno said Lumumba`s utterances were treasonous.

“Lumumba`s utterances on our President are not only criminal but treasonous. As youths we agreed at the conference that we have one party and one leader.

“We agreed that President Mugabe is a life president. So who is Lumumba to challenge this?”