AFM church pastor, two other men bed married woman

A pastor with the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) church has been embroiled in a sexual storm after leaked WhatsApp chats revealed that he has been bedding a married woman… and the woman has been seeing two other men.

The woman in question, Tracy Tsitsi Mutengezanwa, is married to Amos Mapisa. It is Amos himself who happened upon the WhatsApp chats.

Now, the aggrieved Mapisa has approached the New Covenant Family Worship Centre, Domboshava, accusing pastor Maizivei Padzinza of being involved in an adulterous affair with his wife.

“I found out that my wife has been cheating on me after I went through her phone. She was dating Pastor Padzinza and two other men.

“All that I am saying can be supported by these chats which are on this phone. I have come here to let the church know what kind of a pastor they have.

Shamed… Pastor Padzinza and his wife

“This will help other men to know what their wives are doing at church and maybe he is not only doing it to my wife but to other women in the church,” Mapisa said, speaking to the tabloid, H-Metro.


However, Mapisa just wants an apology for the matter to be resolved.

“I want an apology from the church and also from Pastor. I also found out that my wife was also in a relationship with Lucky and another man by the name Shoes.

“There are also chats to show she went to lodges and other different places for love making.

“From the chats in this phone you can see for yourself that she has been going out for dates with these three men,” he says.

According to the report, Mapisa alongside with his close family members, showed the tabloid the mobile phone which was being used by his wife of more than five years where there are love chats with Pastor Padzinza and two other men.

He says their four year child unlocked Tracy’s phone and Mapisa went over it while she was away, leading to the sexual scandal being smoked out.-voice