Chamisa on the run after clamping a man’s testicles with a pair of pliers

A MAN from Gutu is fighting for his life in hospital after the husband of a woman he was allegedly having an affair with used a pair of pliers to pinch his testicles. Itai Tsogo allegedly lost consciousness after Masara Chamisa, 39, of Gondwi Resettlement area in Chatsworth, attacked him fists before tightly clamping his testicles with a pair of pliers. Tsogo isrecovering at Gutu District Hospital while Chamisa is on the run.

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Acting Masvingo police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Kudakwashe Dehwa confirmed the incident which happened on Monday last week at about 1PM. “I can confirm receiving such a report. However, we’ve not gathered enough information on what exactly transpired,” he said.

Witnesses said Chamisa, who works in Harare and had been suspecting his wife of having an affair, took her phone and sent a message to Tsogo inviting him home. They said Tsogo came unaware that it was a trap.

According to witnesses, when he arrived at Chamisa’s homestead, Tsogo realised that he had been duped when Chamisa flew into a rage and started assaulting him. A villager, Munyaradzi Mutonhodza, said Chamisa visits his wife at the end of each month.


“Sometime last week on Monday, Chamisa arrived from Harare where he works. He had been hearing about his wife’s philandering but hadn’t taken action,” he said. Mutonhodza said on the day in question, Chamisa’s wife went for a church meeting and left her phone at home.

During her absence, Chamisa allegedly took the phone, saw some messages from Tsogo and hatched a plan to punish him after inviting him pretending to be the wife.

“Upon Tsogo’s arrival, Chamisa started accusing him of having an extra-marital affair with his wife but he denied it. Without warning, Chamisa grabbed Tsogo by the collar and started assaulting him until he fell down. Tsogo screamed for help but no one came to his rescue,” Mutonhodza said.

He said Chamisa, who was armed with a pair of pliers, allegedly reached for Tsogo’s testicles and pinched them hard until he lost consciousness. He then disappeared from the scene.

Tsogo was rushed to Gutu District Hospital where he is still admitted.-Chronicle