Communication Firm bails out Zim blood bank
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Communication Firm bails out Zim blood bank

The country’s largest blood bank, National Blood Service Zimbabwe (NBSZ), is set to reduce its telephony costs by nearly half after receiving Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment from a leading communication solutions firm.

An underperforming economy has seen many companies, including not-for-profit organisations such as NBSZ, struggling to remain afloat due to high overheads such as unsustainable payrolls, high utility bills and transport and communication costs.

Standard Global Communications (SGC) donated the new US$6 000 cutting edge equipment which is cost-effective than traditional telephone calls.

SGC chief executive Cornwell Nemberi said the donation of was part of his company’s social corporate responsibility.

VoIP is a category of hardware and software that enables people to use the internet as the transmission medium for voice calls.

“We hope the VoIP equipment will not only help reduce telephony costs, but will also increase operational efficiency at National Blood Service Zimbabwe,” Nemberi said.


“By combining the extra money saved, in this very economically challenging environment and the increased communication efficiency, Standard Global Communications is convinced the VoIP equipment will ultimately lead to saving of precious lives.

Let’s all remember that life is blood, without blood there is no life – in other words blood saves life.”

He said the VoIP gateways were installed at NBSZ head office and its Joina City office in Harare, its regional and town office in Bulawayo as well as Gweru, Masvingo and Mutare branches.

“The VoIP equipment SGC donated will help improve communication efficiency while also help reduce office communication costs by about 50%. Using the VoIP gateways, National Blood Services offices will now be able to make free branch-to-branch telephone calls nationwide,” Nemberi said.

SGC was established in 1999 with a vision to be the most innovative and preferred integrated office communications solutions brand in Zimbabwe. The focus of the company over the years has been to “provide efficient office communication solutions to help our clients reduce communication costs, while increasing office communication efficiency”.

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