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Deliverance in your marriage :Emmanuel Makandiwa

by Lex Vambe

By Emmanuel Makandiwa

There are forces I see when ministering to married couples, forces that are contrary to our beliefs, contrary to our success, to our marriages, and spirits that are forever present and cause us to suffer. 

Prophet Makandiwa and wife Ruth
Prophet Makandiwa and wife Ruth

But remember Jesus gave us instructions and He said in my name you shall cast out demons. There is no other way of doing it we need to cast demons out.

You will notice that in some people’s marriages some have become victims of witchcraft, victims of satanic attacks, everything they want to do fails.

Some of them keep on trying and nothing works despite the fact that they are professionals. But by the grace of God upon my life and after reading this article and praying you will experience freedom that you have never experienced before.

I will help you cast all demons and your deliverance has to be permanent. And once you are delivered from a sickness today and issues negatively affecting your marriage it will be permanent.


I know some of you people go through a cycle it’s going to be over today.

Before I proceed I would like to say that some people may have been bewitched and a witch is behind you, targeting you and fighting you, some of you have been exposed to witchcraft environments.

Some of you grew up in a place infested with witchcraft and that’s causing you to diminish, now you can’t walk, you can’t run, you can’t fly, you appear to be ordinary but there is nothing ordinary about you. Today I am going to come after every spirit one after the other until you are free.

Some of you will experience liberty in your flesh as the spirit of God touches, your soul and your body. If any of these places is occupied by spirits this article is for you. You are in and out hospital, wasting time, wasting resources, wasting money and you seem not to be recovering.

If it’s an affliction in your physical body it can be corrected in the name of Jesus. Often these kind of circumstances negatively impact your marriage.

Some of you have demons in your soul, when a demon is in your soul your decision making ability is affected, you get confused sometimes, you cannot even love your wife or husband. You become an irresponsible father and mother in your house.

When you have a demon in your spirit, it means there is spiritual interference and this kind of deliverance is necessary.

Freedom is our portion, liberty! We are here for liberation.

People are going to be delivered from demonic manipulation, whether the devil likes it or not the fire of God shall bring a change into your life. Some of them are ancient demons, very old demons, they have been in your generation for years, and you are becoming the first person in your family to be delivered!

For a moment some of you will be in a state of confusion, but there is an anointing that I feel has power to set people free! Take time to lift up those holy hands and pray to God, thank Him for your Husband and for your wife and declare your liberty so that your marriage will be free from demonic interference.

God will give you a different story for the barrenness you have and a experiencing in your marriage. You will feel it, you will know it and it will reflect in the way you think, you will know that it’s God.

Father in the name of Jesus, you are holy, we will start slowly and it will rise up like a ladder demons are starting to check out. Evil spirit, you don’t have a right, rights you don’t have, I’m here, and I have come after you to bring you out.

I’m starting with your body, any demonic spirit in your body for the next two to three minutes I push you out from that structure in the name of Jesus I give you a notice which is effected in the next few seconds, leave that body in the name of Jesus.

I’m starting with demons in the flesh, even if your flesh is born again, you can have a demon there, and its receiving salvation of your flesh and right now in the name of Jesus. You are free. Demonic spirits in physical bodies occupying your bones, bones, manifest!! Show yourself, come out right now in the name of Jesus!!

Nyama yako ngairwirwe, ngaisunungurwe! hupenyu hwako mishonga!! mainjections chete no! no! noo!!! vamwe venyu zvirwere zvamuinazvo ndezvedzinza, those curses are broken in the name of Jesus!!

-Blindness, zvirwere zve sugar diabetes, BP, cancer let that disease be broken in the name of Jesus!!

I declare your freedom today. You can do anything through Christ who give you strength but demons are frustrating you all the time!!

-In the name of Jesus any demons are exposed let the fire of the Holy Ghost liberate your people. From this day onwards may their marriages be secure from the power of the enemy. God and prosper, may the Lord be with you everyday of your marriage.

I sanction every demon never to come back again! Never to afflict you again! Never to break your marriage again! (In the name of Jesus you are free)*7. In the name of Jesus!

Declare that your life is free from witchcraft, declare that my flesh, from today shall never be under demonic influence again.

Speak to your body declare over your soul, say my soul you are liberated, because you are washed by the blood of Jesus when they call upon your name you shall not answer.

Deliverance in your marriage – Emmanuel Makandiwa

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