Flight MH370 shot down by US, says former airline chief

Flight MH370 shot down by US, says former airline chief

CAPE TOWN. — Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was shot down by the United States as it approached a secretive US military base on Diego Garcia Island in the remote Indian Ocean, according to French writer and former airline chief Marc Dugain. The Inquisitor states the writer believes there is a massive cover-up involving several countries. As the search for MH370 began, following the March 8 disappearance of the plane this YouTube user Montagraph’s attempt to solve the mysterious flight gave us all goosebumps — Watch: This man says he knows what happened to Flight MH370

He also alluded to Diego Garcia, the remote island of just 17 square miles owned by Great Britain, but leased by the United States for use as a military installation — as being a key piece to the puzzle.

The base has been shrouded in mystery, reportedly being used as a secret destination for Al Qaeda-linked prisoners interrogated by the US under the so-called “extraordinary rendition” programme.

In a startling revelation made on French radio, the former head of Proteus Airlines Dugain says he was warned against investigating the links between Diego Garcia and Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 by a shadowy “Western intelligence officer”.

Dugain says the popular theory that Malaysia Airlines plane was the victim of a high-tech hijack is most likely correct.

He believes hijackers commandeering the plane’s electronic communication and navigation systems electronically then flew toward the Indian Ocean, the place where the bulk of the search for flight MH370 took place.

But Gugain says what he finds hard to believe is that the US base, with the technological sophistication of Diego Garcia failed to sight the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 as it approached.

He says it did in fact spot the plane and fearing a 9/11-style suicide crash attack, Dugain believes US forces on Diego Garcia may have then shot the plane out of the sky.

Just a few days after Flight MH370 disappeared, Maldives residents said they had spotted a low flying jumbo on the morning of 8 March, which they believe was the mystery Malaysia Airlines plane.

In a press report, Dugain said he had interviewed the mayor of another nearby island where a piece of debris that, allegedly, was identified as a fire extinguisher of the type used in Boeing aircraft washed up two weeks after the disappearance. But Maldives authorities are said to have “seized the supposed fire extinguisher”.

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200ER, which was carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members, remains a mystery after vanishing from radar screens early on March 8 less than an hour after taking off from Kuala Lumpur on a scheduled flight to Beijing, China — and to date not a single item or piece of debris belonging to the missing plane has been found or confirmed as found. — Traveller24.

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