Ginimbi Was Doggy : Anglican Pastor Tells Church Youths

Young people in Manicaland have been encouraged by Anglican Church Clergyman to accept their ethical business practices and not to follow the steps of the late businessman, Genius Kadungure whose dealings were doggy.

During the Manicaland’s Impact Business, Leadership and Economic Youth Empowerment Summit held last week, Reverend Joseph Waziweyi encouraged the youths to indulge in mining and farming through start-ups. He said: They can initiate the Macadamia nuts farming which is being used. Instead of selling drugs on the streets, they could earn a better living doing business the right way.

Most of the people in the nation we see as exemplary are not good examples for example people like the late Ginimbi.

What was the source of his income, all the money he had where was he getting it all from and he was said to be avoiding duty for his imperial fleet of cars?

The clergyman also encouraged the youth to take advantage of their population and support their fellows to support their own generation candidates who want to be candidates during elections and not wait for the elderly to make political decisions for them.