Cult casts light on University of Zimbabwe Professor’s mysterious death

Cult casts light on University of Zimbabwe Professor’s mysterious death

HE tears of a woman, who is battling to establish how her daughter died and was later hurriedly buried at a plot owned by Madzibaba Ishmael Chokurongera, appears to have cast some light on a high-profile mysterious death at the same shrine two years go.

Memory Mukanairi (49) used to be a member of Madzibaba Ishmael’s church, which is based at a sprawling plot in Nyabira.

Her former husband, Madzibaba Gideon (53), who is the father of the late child, is still a member of the church, which is now being described as a cult.

He is one of Madzibaba Ishmael’s elders.

H-Metro visited the plot on Wednesday and Madzibaba Ishmael dismissed all the allegations being laid against him.

Speaking on Star FM’s Tilder Live, Mukanairi said she was battling to find out how her 26-year-old daughter died at the plot and was buried without her knowledge.

“We were not informed of her death and just heard the issue through neighbours,” said Mukanairi.

“We then went to the farm where we were advised to seek protection since they are reported to be violent.

“The place is called Canaan and whatever they work for goes to the leader, Ishmael. All the proceeds go to him.

“My daughter died and was buried by four men who are not even related to her.”

Her daughter’s case is similar to the mysterious death, and hurried burial, of Prof Itai Muhwati, who died at the same shrine in June 2022.

He was buried just hours after his death without the knowledge of his family and relatives.

At the time of his death, his family said it suspected foul play because, just like in the case of Mukanairi’s daughter, they were not notified of the death of the University of Zimbabwe professor.

Just like in the case of Mukanairi’s daughter, no burial order was obtained for Professor Muhwati’s burial just a few hours after his death.

The professor’s body was exhumed by his family and the cult’s members, who had buried him, were nowhere to be found during the exhumation.

Police back then said that they had launched investigations into the case.

“We are conducting investigations with the view of finding out what actually transpired and we urge families, churches and members of the public that if something happens, especially of this nature (death), they should report to the police,” national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, said at the time.

It could not be established yesterday what emerged from the investigations.

Back then, Prof Muhwati’s brother, told The Herald they suspected foul play.

“The problem is they buried him without telling us. Members of his church know me and my siblings so they should have told us than to bury him without telling us as his family.”

Two years later, Mukanairi is saying exactly the same words for a tragic incident which happened at the same shrine.

Source – H-Metro

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