Kereke digs into former VP Mujuru:

kerekeThe Rock Foundation Medical Centre, which had been closed for some time, has resumed operations with directors saying problems at the health institution were caused by political interference especially by fired former Vice President Joice Mujuru.

The opening of a state of the art hospital in Harare four years ago had brought relief to many Zimbabweans who were resorting to flying outside the country for specialist treatment.

The institution was however closed after operating for just three years.

Owner and founder of the hospital, Dr Munyaradzi Kereke and the board chair, Dr Branislav Svoren said it is unfortunate that political interference derailed the operations of such a crucial medical institution.

In November 2013, ZIMRA garnished the hospital’s account over a US$4 million tax liability.

However, when the case was heard in the High Court, ZIMRA then lowered the tax arrears to US$1,7 million.


The hospital’s property worth over US$2,5 million was also attached by the sheriff over a US$60 000 debt and Dr Kereke alleges that Dr Mujuru’s hand was behind the fabricated cases.

Kereke claims that in the 2013 elections, he contested the Bikita West constituency seat against Elias Musakwa who was Dr Mujuru’s preferred candidate, and all the cases that were raised against the hospital were just to frustrate him.