A MIDLANDS State University final year student is battling for life in a Gweru hospital after her fiancé — who was supposed to marry her over the Easter holiday — allegedly stabbed her when he found her having sex with another man.

Emelda Mudzviti
Emelda Mudzviti

Martins Dakwa allegedly stabbed Miss Emelda Mudzviti on Monday at around 6AM at her lodgings in Nehosho High Density suburb.

He allegedly went ballistic when he broke down the door and his fiancée’s boyfriend came to the door naked, still wearing a condom.

The incident has since become the talk of Gweru.

Dakwa told The Chronicle he had an altercation with his fiancée which later degenerated into a fight.

He said the two were planning a wedding during the Easter holiday.

“I had a misunderstanding with my fiancée on Monday morning. We’re in the process of resolving the matter. I have engaged her family and I hope that the issue will be resolved amicably. Her condition is stable,” Dakwa said.

Miss Mudzviti, who is admitted at Midlands Private Hospital, could not speak due to her condition.

A police source said Dakwa, who works for a bank in Harare, went to Nehosho high density suburb in Gweru where he found Miss Mudzviti having sex with her boyfriend, Mr Takudzwa Magaso.

The source said Dakwa, who is in Harare and is still to be arrested, came to Gweru unannounced after hearing rumours that his fiancée was double crossing him with Mr Magaso.

The source said Dakwa knocked at the door to Miss Mudzviti’s room but she did not open.

He said the woman was inside having sex with her boyfriend.

“He (Dakwa) came to Gweru unannounced and knocked at his fiancée’s room. I think Miss Mudzviti didn’t suspect that it could have been Dakwa at the door or was too busy to hear the knock,” said the source.

“After noticing that no one was opening the door, Dakwa borrowed a knife from fellow tenants and broke into the room where he found his fiancée and Magaso in a compromising position.”

The source said a heated argument ensued resulting in Dakwa stabbing Mr Magaso on the left side of his chest and left arm while he was naked and still wearing a condom which they were using during sex.

“Magaso managed to grab his clothes and escaped naked, leaving Mudzviti at the mercy of Dakwa. Dakwa used the same knife to stab Mudzviti several times all over the body,” said the source.

Dakwa, the source added, disappeared from the scene after Miss Mudzviti called for help from neighbours and fellow tenants.

“She was rushed to MSU clinic where she was transferred to Midlands Private Hospital. She is battling for her life. On the other hand the suspected boyfriend’s whereabouts are not known after he escaped from the room,” said the source.

Efforts to get a police comment were futile as national police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said he was attending a meeting at police headquarters.

“I’m in a meeting and I don’t know when I’m going to finish,” he said before hanging up. – State Media