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Magistrate rebukes man for dating old woman

by Lex Vambe

A Cowdray Park man who severely assaulted his elderly girlfriend after he found her in their house with another man has been ordered to look for a woman of his age and stop the habit of fighting for “sugar mummies”.

Western Commonage magistrate Steven Ndhlovu rebuked the accused Nhlanhla Moyo, 34, for living with a woman old enough to be his grandmother.

The woman in question, Susan Maphala, is 56 years old.

He pleaded not guilty to the domestic violence charge and was sentenced a 14-month jail sentence.
Four months were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour while 10 months were, however, commuted to 490 hours of community service at Mahlathini Primary School in Cowdray Park.
In his ruling Ndlovu said: “You’re still young.

This woman is 22 years older than you; she probably started having boyfriends before you were even born. She is old enough to be your mother anyway.”

The magistrate further warned Moyo for his love choice: “Such behaviour will get you into trouble in the future. You have to stop this and try to find someone your age.”


Moyo, however, chose to defend himself on his violence action and ignored the warning about his love life.

“I would like to ask for forgiveness Your Worship. I got angry after I found her with another man. I was drunk at that time so I lost control of myself.”

According to the State case the court heard that Moyo got home at 7am on August 1 and found his girlfriend in the company of another man who had spent the night at their house.

Accused person got angry about the stranger so he assaulted the complainant with a bottle on the hand, leg and head causing her to sustain minor cuts.

He went on to assault her with a brick and pots several times all over the body.—WP

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