Meat Price Skyrockets In Zimbabwe


Concern has been raised over price hikes on meet and most beef products.

Many stores in Zimbabwe were largely empty when the country was suffering hyperinflation a few years ago. Conditions are much better now.

The situation is even serious in Bulawayo where most butcheries are demanding only hard currency for payments.

While most basic commodities have reverted to normal prices,  a snap survey conducted by the ZBC News revealed that there has been a 100 percent increase on meat products within the central business district of Bulawayo.

The price of commercial meat grade which previously ranged between $6 to $8 has been increased to around $12 and $15.
A butchery situated along 11th Avenue and Herbert Chitepo is charging $17 per kilogramme for t-bone meat while one has to fork out $18 per kilogramme for rump on bone.

To worsen the situation, the butcheries are only accepting transaction on hard cash.

Livestock Farmers Union Chairperson, Mr Sifiso Sibanda, who is also National Ambassador of Livestock Farmers castigated owners of abattoirs for paying livestock farmers lower prices which are not competitive.

“For the first time in history, the government through the command livestock set a precedent by buying a heifer for $1200 where as in the past, abattoirs were paying less. The revival of the Cold Storage Commission (CSC) which is the only abattoir certified by the Europe Union (EU) will enhance livestock production within the country. Actually, the abattoirs are not paying for offal but they are increasing meat price,” he said.

Over the past week, prices of basic commodities had increased but a self correction process began, leading to most commodities reverting back to their normal prices.