Mwenezi East MP Omar dies


Joosbi Omar

Mwenezi East MP Joosbi Omar has died. He died yesterday evening at Makurira Memorial Clinic in Masvingo where he was being treated for a diabetes related complication.

Zanu PF Masvingo Provincial political commissar Jevas Masosota confirmed Omar’s death.

“I just received the details of his death right now. Finer details of what exactly happened will be given once the party gets more details,” Masosota told NewsDay.

In 2019 , Mwenezi East villagers condemned Omar saying he had done very little to improve the lives of the marginalized families in the constituency.

In racially-charged statements, villagers say they regret electing Omar, a Coloured, into office, claiming he was not in touch with the real issues affecting ordinary people in the constituency.