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Remove Grace Mugabe Way sign post: Zanu PF told

by reporter263

grace wayHarare mayor Bernard Manyenyeni yesterday ordered Zanu-PF officials to pull down signposts they erected at the Civic Centre near Rotten Row Magistrates’ Courts where it christened the area as Robert Mugabe square, while a road leading to the open ground was named Grace Mugabe Way.

Manyenyeni said the signposts were temporary and illegal as they were erected without council approval ahead of the Zanu-PF congress that ended last week.

After the event, the former open space seems to have lost its look amid reports that Zanu-PF government was looking into building a permanent structure and maintain the name Robert Mugabe Square and the small roads.

Manyenyeni said that the Zanu-PF event was like a wedding and all balloons should therefore be removed.


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