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Information coming from our SSB sources is suggesting that payslips for December do not reflect that there will be bonuses this year. To us this is scandalous. It is a fraud. A month ago Minister Chinamasa speaking in Victoria Falls assured the nation that bonuses would be paid. To make matters worse government paid bonuses to the uniformed forces last month. The same uniformed forces are getting paid ahead of us tomorrow. Is this justice? We have no gripe with these uniformed forces but it should be noted that we all work for the same government. Do they think we will take this lying down? OBVIOUSLY NOT. Only last week Minister Chinamasa told MPs who attended a post budget consultative conference that government would pay civil servants bonuses despite having collected little revenue. Surely we have a legitimate expectation to be paid our bonuses by the employer. We must be treated with respect. Without being alarmist if the government does not pay bonuses then the annual shut down must continue and no schools will open in 2015. We are talking of a government that for the whole of 2014 promised us non-monetary incentives, they promised salary reviews and better conditions of service yet everything remained a pie in the sky. If the attitude by the Deputy Minister of Health Dr Paul Chimedza is anything to go by then surely this government is after fighting its workers. For the record we are fully behind the doctors and their strike action. To Dr Chimedza we say “hands off the doctors’ salaries, usatambe nemoto iwe”. Chimedza, deal with your political shenanigans and fight for your own political skin rather than fight the people’s cause. Your actions simply show you are anti people and true government leaders don’t behave like that. If this is a joke it is joke in very bad taste. It would be a scandal for Government to turn around and say they have no money when they have paid a certain fraction of their workforce. The announcement by the PSC Secretary Mrs Pretty Sunguro that the pay date has been brought forward from the 24th to the 23rd does not inspire us at all. A serious government should know that when workers are happy service delivery is positively improved. The opposite is true.


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