Stunner Fumes Over This Flag

Rapper Stunner was livid when he was ridiculed on social media for not backing protests against the Mugabe regime.
He ashed out at one Zimba :”wakakwana here ? Like seriously? Enda unoita hu …. hwako urikure uko. Saka waida kuti ndiuye kuzoti this flag in your face? All the songs about oppression and suffering I been singing all these years saka waiti ndirikuimbira ani? Before I blast u on Facebook go to SoundCloud and download stunner ft Ba Shupi toi toi and after u have done that wobvunza whose song was being sung outside the courtroom. #sitdown! Nxa.”

He later had to defend his friend, Spencer Madziya who was wearing this Mugabe T-Shirt.