#ThisFlag Pastor to launch political party: Mugabe spokesperson

Popular clergyman Paste Evan Mawarire would be ‘fool’ if he does not launch his own political party, a Herald columnist, Nathaniel Manheru has said.

Mawarire is the face of #ThisFlag movement.

In his Saturday column, Manheru said, “it is only a matter of days before he launches himself as a political party”.

“No politician worth an election will be fooled by Mawarire’s claims that he is simply putting pressure on Government to be heard, that he has no political ambition.

“His vaulting ambition this already excited, his imagined grandiosity this already stoked, it is only a matter of days before he launches himself as a political party.

“Check this column. Unless he is an out and out fool who does not know that sustainable politics require an organisational framework provided by a party, an ideology, a manifesto, a leadership structure, etc, etc.


“And in not being a fool by providing all these things itemised above, he in fact becomes one. A big one too.

“That is the bind associated with all so-called civil movements,” wrote Manheru.

Manheru then mocked Mawarire saying ” here is the sheer absurdity of it all: Name: #This Flag; Cause: #This Flag; Ideology: #This Flag; Manifesto: #This Flag; Membership: #This Flag; Leader:#This Flag; Sponsor: #Outgoing Laurent Delahousse; Sympathisers: #SkyTv, BBC, IFP, Freeth; Reach: #Avondale; Voters: #Diaspora; Opponents: #Anxious Opposition; Tolerated by: # Government; Still to be responded to by: #Zanu-PF