Wicknell Chivayo says Lumumba is as poor as a church mouse

Wicknell Chivayo has taunted Acie Lumumba saying he was as poor as a church mouse.

He said : “talk is cheap Mr Acie it’s so cheap it’s free. Even though you are as poor as a church mouse I’ve always had a lot of respect for you. As citizens and the business community we all share different political views and opinions but under no circumstance should you insult our President. Like many other Zim men I know when you supposedly have a publicly known reasonably big penis, you move around with a lot of confidence and feel you can challenge anyone. Take a sit small boy that sort of behaviour is totally unacceptable… I liked this small boy and always enjoyed his demeanour and eloquent speeches. There nothing wrong with forming your political party but don’t seek fame by insulting a democratically elected president.

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