Woman, married lover clash over social media videos
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Woman, married lover clash over social media videos

A HARARE woman feels betrayed and abused after her videos were recorded without her consent and posted on social media by people she claims were working on behalf of her married lover.

Sally Sallom Chikodzi had a four-year relationship with Lazarus James but it ended in an ugly manner.

She claims Lazarus engaged a private investigator to harass, record and post her videos on social media.

Lazarus is said to have ditched Sally when she demanded more money than expected for her medical treatment when she had a miscarriage.

Sally was accused of faking pregnancy in order to extort money from Lazarus.

Sally and Lazarus’ romantic photographs have leaked and become the talk of the Hwange community.

Sally told H-Metro that she was Lazarus’ second wife considering the lengthy period they were together although he was yet to pay lobola.

“I met Lazarus four years ago in Hwange and he ended up managing my business,” said Sally.

“We ended up falling for each other and the rest was for nature to take care of and I got pregnant.

“Lazarus introduced me to his children and we lived together as husband and wife.

“At first he lied to me that he was a divorcee only to find out later that he was not single.

“He has found another girlfriend.”

She added:

“That is why he engaged Tafadzwa Chidawa to humiliate and sexually harass me pretending as if he was a police detective. Tafadzwa recorded and posted a video, which is humiliating me, on social media.

“It’s inhumane, abusive and defamation of character considering that we had united our children and lived as husband and wife,” said Sally.

Lazarus, whose photographs with Sally are awash on social media, could not be reached for his side of the story.

Source – hmetro

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