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Ginimbi To Hold VIP Vic Falls Carnival After Party

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With artistes such as AKA, Shekkinah, DJ Maphorisa, Prince Kaybee and Jah Signal already unveiled for the Victoria Falls Carnival taking place in the resort town in a week’s time, Harare socialite, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure has decided to add onto the fun with the hosting of the carnival VVIP guests and an after-party.

A well-known party freak and lover of fine things, Ginimbi, through his G-Entertainment promotions company, will once again be attending the carnival which runs from December 29 to 31 and hosting the VVIP guests through a marquee he is going to setup and after-party in order to give the event’s attendees a ‘full package’.

The VVIP marquee which is expected to attract the rich and famous will be erected for the duration of the carnival with socialite, Pokello Nare set to host the guests. The after party will be held on New Year’s Eve at the posh Deluxe Suites which is a stone’s throw away from the carnival venue – the Vic Falls Farm School.

On how he got involved with the carnival, Ginimbi who hosted another party in the resort town hurriedly last year, said he was disappointed by the resort town’s nightlife after attending the carnival. To avoid a repeat of last year’s disappointment where he found himself bored after the carnival which ended at midnight, he decided to partner organisers of the carnival.

“When I was in Vic Falls last year, I noticed that other than the carnival, the nightlife in the town has not much to offer. That’s why I organised the after party which I have really planned for compared to the one I did last year which was a last minute thing,” said Ginimbi.

The after-party, though not an All-White one, Ginimbi said will be classy with people advised to dress in a sophisticated manner, inAdvertisementtrue Ginimbi style to avoid embarrassment.


“As most carnival shows are held at school grounds where there is gravel, most people cannot dress up in a classy way. This (his party) is an opportunity for people to dress up.

“The venue will be an exclusive one as well and it can accommodate up to 2 000 people.”

Famed for his All-White parties which he hosts annually to celebrate his birthday, Ginimbi said since his brand is now synonymous with All-White parties, he would have loved the Vic Falls shindig to be an all-white affair, but realised most patrons would have challenges getting the appropriate clothes.

“At first, I wanted it to be an all-white party, but realised this would be difficult for some people as Victoria Falls does not really have shops where people can get these stylish white clothes. So we had to change it to just being a stylish and sophisticated dress theme,” said Ginimbi.

In terms of entertainment, Ginimbi who this past weekend hosted South Africa’s Kaygee Daking and Bizizi of the Kokota fame at his high-class nightclub, Dreams (former Sankayi), said the party will have different hosts from Botswana, Zambia and South Africa.

“There’ll be hosts from different countries so as to cater for everyone as the carnival usually has diverse people from different countries. There’ll also be artistes, who at the moment, I can’t mention, but I promise there’ll be some big names there,” he said.

And for groupies, Ginimbi said his top friends Chief J, Uncle Rolen and Pokello Nare among others will be at the party.

“Of course my friends will be there, from Chief J, Uncle Rolen, Pokello and others who I can’t mention for now,” he said. –

-The Chronicle

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