Ginimbi’s house maid for 15 years speaks on juju

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Ginimbi’s maid for 15 years has finally broken her silence on the juju claims circulating on social media.

She says there was no sacred place in Ginimbi’s house where she couldn’t touch.

She says Ginimbi was a hard worker and she knew him from the time he hustled with one gas cylinder.

She implored those circulating those claims to kindly stop.


Below are her exact words in English Translation

She is saying she knows Genius in and out…she worked for him for 15years she knows everything about him…There was no room that he would say you can’t enter or you cant go there…She said Genius when he started his business he had one gas cylinder but he made things happen he was a very hardworking individual and all the rumors about him having a snake in the house are not true and it must stop.Genius was very hardworking