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Harare’s public toilets overwhelmed by growing population

by reporter263

Concern has been raised over the poor state of Harare’s public ablution facilities which have also become inadequate to service the increasing population in the Central Business District.

Residents have no kind words for the local authority.

“These public toilets are in a bad state, council must do something,” a resident said.

Another added, “We are afraid of disease outbreaks in the capital.”

Zimbabwe Mobile Sanitation Association President Boston Muteya is of the view that mobile ablution facilities are the way to go.


“The introduction of mobile toilets ensures hygiene while also providing convenience to the public,” said Boston Muteya, Zimbabwe Mobile Sanitation Association president.

The local authority admits ablution facilities in Harare are inadequate.

City spokesperson Michael Chideme responded, “We would want to raise money to build more toilets, so we are converting some of the facilities into pay toilets.”

Harare is eying world class city status by 2025, but the situation at hand leaves one wondering if that goal will be attained.

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