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Mudiwa Hood offers Valentine’s gifts to single, female junior doctors

by reporter263

CHRISTIAN hip-hop superstar and philanthropist Mudiwa Hood is going to cheer you up this coming Valentine’s day, but you have to be more than just a brainy female to be gifted by the well-heeled musician.

The musician-cum-businessman who is also a success coach specifically said the ladies who will receive his unspecified presents must be single and still junior in the medical field.

What of male junior doctors? Well, Mudiwa says Government must take care of them!

“I am willing to surprise few FEMALE junior doctors 🥼 who aren’t in relationships with Valentine gifts as a thank you for all the work they are doing😍… kuVarume dai hurumende yaingabatsirawo kuside kwenyu ☺️, So you can tag them here or in my dm so I can surprise them!!” Mudiwa said.

The tweet generated some hilarious speculations about Mudiwa Hood’s real intention, and the musician was not shy to clarify.


“I do not want to offend married ones or those with partners, at least they have others who could get them flowers etc… They are those who arent arent ashamed to say they are single, those are the ones who will benefit,” said Mudiwa.

Meanwhile, Mudiwa Hood’s recent book, Shut Up and Make Money: Mindset is Everything, continues rattling in some good sales, the musician said.

In November, Mudiwa, who is well connected and is in the circles of some of the most affluent Zimbabweans, had a copy of the book bought by friend and fellow businessman Chamu Chiwanza.

A hundred copies of the book have been sold all in a day.

“Your background has nothing to do with where you are are going, Success is an inside job,” says Mudiwa Hood. – Zimbabwe Voice

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