Second Part of Mandela Biography to Be Published Next Year
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Second Part of Mandela Biography to Be Published Next Year

Mandela wrote the second part of his biography between 1998 – 2002 as a sequel to Long Walk to Freedom.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation informed Monday through a statement that together with the African National Congress (ANC) they are working on publishing the second part of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, The Presidential Years next year.

Mandela wrote 10 chapters of The Presidential Years between 1998 – 2002. The first hand-written page of the book is dated October 16, 1998. His friends helped finish the book.

The  Presidential Years is the sequel to his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, published in 1995, which covers Mandela’s early years, including his almost 30 years in prison, and was turned into a movie by the British filmmaker Justin Chadwick in 2013.

The second part of Mandela’s autobiography opens with the words, “Men and women, all over the world, right down the centuries, come and go. Some leave nothing behind, not even their names. It would seem that they never existed at all. Others do leave something behind: the haunting memory of the evil deeds they committed against other people.”

In the first chapter of The Presidential Years, the president, who ended South African racial segregation known as the apartheid, reflects on the fragilities of liberation movements around the world.

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