Shock as Blessing Muzvongi announce that she is Makandiwa’s second wife

Blessing Muzvongi, the controversial lady in the Jay Isreal and Makandiwa entangle has promised to do a live video tomorrow on Instagram explaining how she she is Prophet Makandiwa’s second wife. She also promised to clear the air on Jay Isreal her co conspirator in the Makandiwa video.

Below is the video which was released by Evidence Chari exposing their plot to falsely expose and extort Makandiwa with Jay Isreal.

Below is her post today on facebook.

Chooseday… I choose me. I choose you.
Thank you for your prayers Thank you for your encouragement and Love. Will be doing a live tomorrow at 20.00hrs on my Instagram page to clarify some issues, around the circulating videos of myself and Mr Jay Israel Senior Jay Israel Senior regarding Me being Mr Emmanuel Makandiwa’s 2nd wife. Happy Tuesday Stay blessed


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Blessing Muzvongi is the mysterious lady in the Jay Isreal and Prophet Makandiwa scandal. She broke the internet yesterday after Makandiwa released a video through his spiritual son Evidence Chari of Jay Isreal and Blessing Muzvongi planning to extort and defame him.

The video is claimed to have been recorded through a secret camera planted in Blessing’s house. How it got into Evidence Chari’s hands is still mysterious. Many people have been left with no choice of opinion but to speculate that Makandiwa, Evidence Chari and Blessing worked together to trap and expose poor Jay Isreal.

If you didn’t watch the video, kindly watch it below

One of the renowned Nigerian questioned journalist Solomon Izang who specialize in exposing fake prophets in South Africa also had the same opinion that Jay Isreal was trapped by the coordinated cooperation of the three. Below is his submission.

“Evidence Charis lied to you about the Jay Israel video:”

1. You can’t open a police case with an illegally obtained video evidence

2. He didn’t give you the police case number – its simple to give case numbers out just to prove its legit

3. He said it’s not your business to know who gave them the video – coming from a so called man of God that’s a cover up

4. The video camera was put their with the knowledge of the woman, Blessing, because Charlatan Makandiwa wanted to expose baby charlatan Jacob Dube by all means – everyone was staged without Jay Israel’s knowledge

We know the whole thing was a set up and baby charlatan Jay Israel fell for it due to his greed and love for money and fame. Its a case of one charlatan defeating the other

Evidence lied in his evidence.

According to this analysis, it is a lie that Blessing has been reported. Evidence will not report his co conspirator. The main goal of Makandiwa and Evidence will not be to get Jay behind the docks, but just to defame him.

Who is Blessing? In an article on iHarare news website published on 17 February 2020, Blessing Muzvongi is described as Prophet Makandiwa’s tormentor. Below is an extract of the story.

Blessing Mashangwa made headlines a few years back when together with her (then) husband Upenyu Mashangwa, they sued Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of the United Family International Church. The Mashangwas sued both Makandiwa and his with Ruth over alleged false prophecies. They demanded a massive $6.5 million from the couple, alleging that they had made significant losses because they had believed in Makandiwa’s “false” prophecies.

The fact that Blessing once sued Makandiwa makes her the perfect character in the act. Makandiwa will gladly work with her under the banner that people will never think that Makandiwa will work with a co conspirator. Evidence Chari becomes the face of the whole drama as the champion of the exposition.

Just a piece of information which makes no difference, did you know that Blessing Muzvongi has a son she named Emanuel. Maybe it is by coincidence that she named her son after the man she claims she once had an intimate affair with.

Below is one of her post speaking about her son.

For 12 years I have shared a birthday with my Prince Emmanuel Raah Mashangwa, happy birthday to US my son, you came on the 16th as an early birthday present to me. I thank God for your life, my gentle rugby player. For now it is about my Prince. A time will come to post about my 40 for now I’m still trying to take stock and understand wer my 20yrs have gone to 40 when? how? If feels like yesterday when I was 21 what happened Caroline Rwafa please help or my husband Godfrey Ruzvidzo we have been married for a long time explain my bae what happened? I can’t be 40 . Sirr Mash our young lion is 12. . 





Shocking pictures suspected to be of Jay and Blessing in a hotel have also gone viral on social media. Blessing posted pictures of her feet with an anonymous male wearing expensive shoes. The same type of shoes was worn by Jay Isreal in the video. One wonders whether Blessing was actually going a mile further by seducing a hungry Jay Israel to bed.