Tann Law Solicitors Confirms Titanic Indefinite Leave To Remain Visa for Olinda Chapel ‘s Ex Hubby Tytan
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Tann Law Solicitors Confirms Titanic Indefinite Leave To Remain Visa for Olinda Chapel ‘s Ex Hubby Tytan

It’s official. The singer Tytan has been granted Indefinite Leave To Remain In the UK after a protracted legal battle that left it’s mark on social media. Tytan, who is still married to Olinda Chapel, had been on a spousal Visa but decided to seek alternative leave to remain in the UK after claiming domestic abuse.

Who Helped Tytan?

The brains behind the successful application were the lawyers from Tann Law Solicitors which is based in Coventry. Two formidable tacticians, Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya and Andrew Nyamayaro, sought to make a watertight case based on the evidence that was available to them. Domestic abuse cases are notoriously hard to prove particularly when the victim is a male. The level of evidence required in such cases require a specially trained legal team to make the representation at the Home Office. The elite team at Tann Law Solicitors led by Andrew Nyamayaro can be contacted on 02477632323 or you can visit their website at www.tannlaw.co.uk

“Special Forces” – Tann Law Solicitors Rumbidzai Bvunzawabaya and Andrew Nyamayaro

What Is The Situation Between Olinda and Tytan?

Olinda has filed for divorce and she still maintains that Tytan manipulated her in order for him to gain a stay in the UK. She alleges that Tytan never loved her but saw her as a ticket to the sparkling streets of London. The public battle between Tytan and Olinda reached its climax after Tytan made sensational allegations that Olinda did not reveal her HIV status prior to them being intimate. However Olinda maintains that Tytan knew about her status all along and has used this knowledge to blackmail her.

Where To Get Help If You Are In A Domestic Violence Situation

You can contact the Migrant Family Support on +447956949500 or email info@migrantfamilysupport.co.uk

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