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Video – Ginimbi feeds hundreds from the grave

by reporter263

Ginimbi’s homestead which is usually crammed with high flying guests partying and boozing has suddenly been turned into mourning ground as hundreds flock to pay their last respects and others to eat their last supper.

This is true of several hundreds of people who were queuing to get lunch provided for by the dead millionaire.

Many good things have been said about Ginimbi and, of course, some crude stuff has also been said, nevertheless, those in the community can attest to some of the generosity Ginimbi showed to his neighbours.

Professional caterers are also benefiting from Ginimbi’s ‘Generosity’ since they have many other mouths to feed weeklong until his final resting day on Saturday.

From the grave, the man has proven to be as generous.


Watch video below for more;Video Player00:0000:32

As Zimbabwe awaits the final resting day of Genius Kadungure, the whole week will be bittersweet as some mourn and others celebrate his life and death. The finale will be Friday 13th final send-off party.

Unfortunately, there won’t be free booze. BRING YOUR OWN!!!

See you on Friday at Domboshava mansion.

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