5 Zimbabwe Rapists In UK Whose Horror Attacks Left Victims Traumatised
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5 Zimbabwe Rapists In UK Whose Horror Attacks Left Victims Traumatised

He was jailed for more than five years for attacking drunk woman at house party in Bradford in 2017.

Thinkwell Javangwe

2. Washington Kavhai, 60

Kavhai was once a member of the Zimbabwean pop group the Bhundu Boys, has avoided deportation from Britain by claiming songs he performed in the past would put him at risk if he was sent home. He served 6 years for rape

Washington Kavhai was sentenced to six years’ jail (Paul Clements)

3. George Webster

A chef who raped two women in separate sex attacks at Scottish hotels was jailed for six years in 2015.

Webster assaulted his first victim in Perthshire before striking again in an attack on another woman in Inverness-shire almost a year later.

A judge told Webster (28) at the High Court in Edinburgh: “You treated them appallingly badly and that must be dealt with appropriately.”

4. Myles Manyika 

Myles Manyika 

Myles Manyika told rape victim ‘I do not care’ when she begged him to stop .The 25-year-old ignored the woman’s desperate pleas to stop as he stripped off and subjected her to the brutal attack after they shared a taxi.

Myles Manyika was jailed for 11 years after he forced himself on a woman in her own home and sexually assaulted another victim just weeks later.

He then made her perform a sex act on him and raped her again the following morning after saying, ‘You are looking at me like I am a monster’.

Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard Manyika, of Chatham Street, Shelton, and his 29-year-old friend, Jonathan Benjamin, sexually assaulted a second woman after a night out.

5. Wilfred Marodza, 28

Wilfred Marodza, 28, pounced on the victim, in her twenties, in the early hours of July 20 as she walked along Great Dover Street in Borough, grabbing on to her neck and threatening her as he forced her into a secluded part of Dickens Fields.

He then stripped her and raped her four times before she managed to break free, Inner London crown court heard. 


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