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Zimbabwean man sends girlfriend 1000 flowers on Valentine’s Day

by reporter263
Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau got spoiled by her new boyfriend Kudzai Mushonga on Valentine’s Day. The young Kudzai went all out and got red roses, accompanied by a lady playing the violin.

Expensive champagne was also on the menu, leaving social media speechless and gushing with envy. Mzansi television personality and actress Khanyi Mbau recently became open about her new relationship with Kudzai Mushonga. Now, it really looks like it was worth it because Kudzai gave her a Valentine’s Day that she surely won’t forget. Khanyi took to social media to share a snippet of what took place for her on 14 February 2021.

If the video is anything to go by, Kudzai is definitely not holding back on his love. Kudzai spoiled Khanyi with Louis Vuitton goods, red roses and expensive champagne. There was a lovely lady in the room wearing a red dress, who was performing a song on the violin.Khanyi Mbau and Kudzai Mushonga had a romantic day with roses and classical music. Image: @mbaureloaded Source: Instagram Khanyi was shocked, to say the least when she entered the room, a surprise she definitely didn’t look like she was expecting. Mzansi social media users were impressed with Kudzai for showing out on Valentine’s Day.

Take a look at some of the reactions to Khanyi’s video: @kgopotso_africa commented: “With the journey that Khanyi traveled it still brought her here, to greener pastures.” @LusaphoGqobo said: “I will always smile over Khanyi being happy because she’s a human who cares about other humans.” @MissGobhozi commented: “You are so deserving of all this and I am so happy for you.”


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