Jonathan Moyo Denies Killing Lover Jackie Madondo, Blames Army Vehicle
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Jonathan Moyo Denies Killing Lover Jackie Madondo, Blames Army Vehicle

Professor Jonathan Moyo has denied being involved in the death of the gospel Jackie Vivian Madondo, but has fingered an army vehicle as being involved in the killing.

Jackie Vivian Madondo
Jackie Vivian Madondo

Prof Moyo was responding to allegations that he was in love with Madondo and was instrumental in orchestrating her murder through an accident in 2004.

Said Prof Moyo, “The long deceased person that the Gukurahundi mouthpieces are shockingly dragging in the mud, and actually defaming in a macabre and dehumanizing way, has a family and relatives who know whose child she was carrying and who also know about the Army vehicle that tragically killed her!”

In 2014 Jackie’s sister Marbel Madonko narrated how the gospel diva passed during the fateful day.

“I will never forget this day. It was on a Saturday and we were going to HICC where we were billed to perform,” Marbel said.

“We were staying in Hatfield so we decided to go and fetch our friend who also wanted to go to the show. In the car was Jackie who was driving, her daughter, our sister Claudia and I.

“On the day what I last remember is a loud bang when we were crossing the intersection of Robert Mugabe Road and Glenara Avenue. The next thing is that, I woke up in a hospital bed at Parirenyatwa.

“When I asked those who were around me, they told me that we had an accident that afternoon,” Marbel said.

She goes on to explain that they were dragged for about a 100 metres by a van.

“As far as I can remember, Jackie’s daughter was thrown out of the window and she was found a few meters from the accident scene. We were all admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital except Chantelle who died on the spot,” she revealed.

“Unfortunately Jackie didn’t make it as she died three days later.”

She succumbed to the injuries sustained in the accident. The whole world crumbled upon me. I couldn’t believe it. Yes, I had survived, but I had lost Jackie and Chantelle.

“It was like a bad dream that I wanted not to be real the next morning I was to wake up, but that was it, the tragic end of my sister and her daughter.”

Asked how her family and Chantelle’s father feel about the accident she refused to talk about her niece’s paternity.

“I cannot reveal that to the public, but Chantelle’s father was in South Africa by that time,” she said.

“There was a series of court sessions and at first we used to attend them before we gave up. I do not know how the matter was concluded, whether he was charged of culpable homicide or not I still do not know,” she said.

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