Man Strangles Dad, Plucks Eyes Out
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Man Strangles Dad, Plucks Eyes Out

A BULAWAYO man was strangled to death with a copper wire by his son in a domestic dispute in the early hours of Monday.

Mbolandi Moyo of Pumula North suburb, also had his eyes plucked out by his 29 year-old son, Trust, following an altercation between the two.

The incident happened in full view of Moyo’s other two young children, who were sleeping in the same room.

A neighbour who stays a few houses from the deceased’s house described the relationship between the two as broken, as they often fought and the neighbours had grown tired of intervening in their endless disputes.

He said the son, who recently returned from South Africa and was once admitted at Ingutsheni Mental Hospital, was feared by most residents in the neighbourhood.

The neighbour told this publication that on the fateful day, Moyo was in his usual jovial mood at his makeshift barber shop in the same suburb.

“I met Moyo at his barbershop that afternoon and he was in his usual happy mood. Later that day he proceeded to have his beer. He retired for the night at close to midnight and found his son, Trust, preparing some food,” said the neighbour.

The two reportedly had a serious altercation and Moyo picked up a copper wire that was in the room and used it to whip his son.

“Trust however managed to get hold of the wire and he used it to strangle his father. He then grabbed a pair of pliers and used it to tighten the noose. Unfortunately it did not end well as Moyo suffocated to death,” he said.

Another neighbour who identified herself as Miss Sidambe added that Trust seemed unmoved by what he had done as he slept with the corpse next to him.

“It seems like he really meant to kill his father because he did not run away after committing the act. He told police that he slept with the corpse next to him until the next morning,” said Miss Sidambe.

In the morning, Trust, went to his aunt’s place but lied to her that his father was gravely ill.

Addressing journalists and some of the residents, the grief stricken Gladys Moyo, said when she rushed to her brother’s house she found him lying dead and both eyeballs plucked out.

“I really do not know what happened to my brother but Trust came to my house early in the morning to inform me that my brother was seriously ill. I rushed to the house and found him lying on the floor, unresponsive, with his eyes gorged out,” said Gladys.

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