Minister Chombo Warns Chief Chikwanda
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Minister Chombo Warns Chief Chikwanda

Government has warned Chief Chikwanda, Mr Kadiwa Chikwanda of Masvingo East district of possible arrest if he ignores the boundary between his area of jurisdiction and that of his neighbour, Chief Musara. Chief Chikwanda and Chief Musara (Mr Bonface Musara), are embroiled in a boundary dispute with the former challenging the latter’s control of vast tracts of land in Hwendedzo Resettlement area.

Chief Chikwanda disputed Chief Musara’s installation late last year, claiming the area now under the Musara chieftainship was part of his land.

The dispute between the two chiefs almost degenerated into violence between their subjects as the two traditional leaders sought to assert their authority over the contested area.

The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development Dr Ignatious Chombo, has since warned Chief Chikwanda to stop interfering in Chief Musara’s area of jurisdiction.

Acting Masvingo district administrator Ms Makepeace Muzenda last Friday said Chief Chikwanda had no locus standi to impose his authority in another chief’s area of jurisdiction.

She said Chief Musara was legally appointed into his position by President Mugabe.

“The Minister (Dr Chombo) clarified the issue of Chief Musara’s appointment to Chief Chikwanda and the legal implications of the latter’s continued interference in Chief Musara’s area of jurisdiction,’’ she said.

“Chief Musara is a chief just like Chief Chikwanda and the latter should accept that the two are now at par. They are now both chiefs who should respect each other’s boundaries,’’ she added.

Ms Muzenda said senior Local Government officials recently met the two chiefs to explain to them the need for peaceful co-existence.

Chief Musara of the Shumba totem was formerly a headman under Chief Chikwanda of the Moyo totem before he was upgraded to a full chief last year.

President Mugabe installed Chief Musara, restoring the Musara chieftainship that was banished by the colonial regime in the 1940s.

Chief Chikwanda has refused to accept Musara’s chieftainship insisting he is the sole chief in the area.

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