Zanu PF youths invade Mutasa’ nephew farm
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Zanu PF youths invade Mutasa’ nephew farm


Dumisani Mliswa, who is a brother of the party’s deposed Mashonaland West provincial chairperson Temba Mliswa, said the Zanu PF youths invaded his 543-hectare Mepo Farm in Makoni district accusing him of being related to ousted Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa.

In his application filed last week, Mliswa cited Hunzvi district war veterans’ security head and treasurer, Samuel Chirinda alongside other party activists, Roderick Erengwe, Marshal Erengwe, Norbert Kuwanda, Israel Zvomwoyo and the Land and Rural Resettlement minister Douglas Mombeshora, as respondents.

Mliswa said sometime in 2007 he was issued with an offer letter for the farm.

But he said the farm was invaded on November 23 this year.

“My farm was invaded by a group of people led by the first to fifth respondents. The group indicated that they were invading the farm on account of who I was related to. I have an uncle who is a prominent politician who is not popular with these so-called land invaders,” Mliswa said in apparent reference to Mutasa.

“I advised the police of the farm invasion immediately, but was not favoured with an immediate response to my plight. On November 25 2014, I wrote to the Senior Assistant Commissioner together with the Officer Commanding PROPOL Manicaland imploring them to uphold the rule of law and provide me with the protection I am entitled to from the invaders.”

Mliswa said the invaders temporarily left after which he discovered that some of his cattle were missing.

“In assessing the damage, I established that three head of cattle were missing. In addition to the cattle, the invaders had also helped themselves to at least 41 asbestos sheets and 7, six-metre-long gum poles. I reported the matter at the local police station and a docket was opened under reference number RB 2215644,” Mliswa said.

On December 1 2014, Mliswa further said, the invaders returned to occupy his farm and when he engaged the police to assist he was advised to approach the courts.

In his opposing affidavit, Chirinda said: “I do not know the applicant (Mliswa), but I have been made to understand that he does not reside in Zimbabwe and is currently in the United Kingdom. It is to my knowledge that the applicant’s name is being used as a front by the real people interested in the farm.”

He further said the farm had been lying idle since 2007 when the previous white owner was ejected.

“The farm was purportedly allocated to applicant with the involvement of his uncle then Minister of Lands Didymus Mutasa in 2007. As far as I know, I have not invaded his farm or any farm at all. The applicant made a report to police who came to the farm and found out that there were no such occupiers as alleged,” he added.

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