South Africa-Zimbabwean refugee Andrew Chimboza‚ who shocked Cape Town when he killed his love rival and sliced up his heart last year‚ has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Zimbabwean Andrew Chimboza. File photo. Image by: ADRIAN DE KOCK
Zimbabwean Andrew Chimboza. File photo.

Chimboza murdered Mbuyiselo Manona‚ 62‚ during a fight over girlfriend Nomonde Soloshe-Tshabalala in Gugulethu‚ Cape Town‚ in June.

According to police‚ the 35-year-old Chimboza removed Manona’s heart and ate it with a knife and fork. He pleaded guilty earlier this year.

Chimboza claimed that Manona provoked him and accused him of having an affair with Soloshe-Tshabalala.

Handing down sentence‚ Judge Ashley Binns-Ward said Chimboza is “capable of unpredictable and uncontrollable rage and it is difficult to predict how this might be triggered”.

“The manner in which he literally butchered the deceased testifies as to the potentially catastrophic consequences which might follow if the accused finds himself in a similar situation of conflict with another person‚” said Binns-Ward.

“The accused’s current refusal to admit to this side of his make-up gives rise to concern about his potential for rehabilitation.”

Binns-Ward said Chimboza has been in living in South Africa as a refugee since 2009. He has been in custody since June 4 last year.