2014 in Retrospect
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2014 in Retrospect

The next time we meet in this space it will be 2015, so I thought it would be a perfect idea to bring 2014 to a close if we presented a segue of all of our cool lifestyle stories in 2014.

As each year ends, television, radio, and the print media are full to the brim with retrospective views of the 12 months that have just passed by so here is what we did this year.

Last year so many things happened, everybody had ups and downs, there was the rise of a new dancehall artiste Tocky Vibes who at the end of the year was said to be becoming big headed.

We saw Swagga T and the Chipawo group going to Germany and Denmark for a cultural exchange programme and the Chipawo team said to have delivered an electrifying performance.

It was the same time again, CLS too had a chance to travel to Mauritius courtesy of Multichoice DSTV and had a chance to visit the Nickelodeon studios where they met the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Still on that note, CLS was commended for its efforts to continue promoting and heralding news that deals with teenagers.

The inaugural Miss Ruwa was held at Chiremba Primary School and was organised by the Harare Junior councillors. Miss Harare was held at Ster-Kinekor Eastgate and this was a success over the years it’s been running.

Makumbe High School released an album and Let The Children Play won Battle of the School Bands held at the Italian Sports Club and in dance Tanaka Roki Won best dancer at the recently held Zimbabwe Hip Hop Awards.

Fashionwise all the swag teenage girls were seen wearing crop tops and the blast from the past Timberland boots were popular with both boys and girls.

As has become routine, this year two Zimsec papers leaked which raised so much controversy in the media regarding the security that Zimsec provides to safeguard the papers.

Towards the end of the year the curtain came down at the Youth Games in Bulawayo and saw our own Zimbabwean teenagers scoop several medals and this marked a prosperous 2014.

Finally as we look forward to 2015, let us try to forget all the burdens that we had in 2014 and look forward to a prosperous and fruitful New Year filled with swag.


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