Anti-corruption book launched
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Anti-corruption book launched

Creative Publishers have published a new Christian book titled “Spirituality in the Workplace” intended to curb corruption and promote good practices for development in workplaces. Speaking at a colourful ceremony to mark the book launch, author Rebecca Nhunhama said she was inspired to write the book by rising cases of corruption and other bad practices at the workplace.

“The experience that I had when I worked in various organisations prompted me to try and find something to curb corruption.

“I realised that we should be Christians every time, not only on Sundays. Corruption starts in the mind and this mind can only be dealt with, spiritually. This book is intended to contribute towards eradicating corruption.

“The book shows and demonstrates how to turn around; it talks about spiritual revolution and spiritual alignments,” she said.

Nhunhama described her book as an antivirus to corruption.

She said she was inspired by a book written by Danah Zohar from which she derived the title of her book.

“I was excited when I came across such a term and how it could change positively to various situations at workplaces. This eventually led me to write this book, that is an anti-virus to corruption,” she said.

She said her book would assist employees to uphold ethical codes and end some bad practices like adultery, corruption and others that had affected the workplace.

The publisher, Chido Machekera, said the book addressed day-to-day practices that had affected the workplace.

He said the book was meant to assist in minimising corruption.

The event was attended by members from various Christian denominations who applauded Nhunhama for her contribution towards curbing bad practices at work- places.

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