Chinotimba Mocks Police Over Vapostori Bashing
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Chinotimba Mocks Police Over Vapostori Bashing

BUHERA South MP Cde Joseph Chinotimba had service chiefs in stitches on Tuesday at zanu-pf Headquarters ahead of their meeting with President Mugabe.images (2)

He said he met some police officers while wearing a Brazilian soccer jersey who chided him saying he should be ashamed putting on Brazilian regalia when it was humiliated by Germany at the World Cup in July.

Germany walloped Brazil 7-1 in semi-finals.

“I then asked them what was wrong with me wearing a Brazilian soccer jersey when they also wore their uniforms despite being bashed by vapostori,” said Cde Chinotimba, drawing laughter from the service chiefs.

He was referring to the incident that happened in Budiriro in May when vapostori assaulted police and journalists.

Eleven Vapostori were recently sentenced to five years in jail.

The service chiefs were at the party headquarters where Zimbabwe Defence Forces Commander Constantine Chiwenga was to introduce the new executive of the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association to the Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.



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