‘Jah Prayzah dedicated a song to a Stripper’
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‘Jah Prayzah dedicated a song to a Stripper’

It’s almost over a month now since Jah Prayzah released the hit song Watora Mari  and all this while at Zimbuzz we just couldn’t figure out what the song was all about, until now.

by Michael Shoko|Zimbuzz


Jah Prayzah is fantasying and falling in love with a stripper, Yes you read that right!!

The tune Watora Mari can make you wave your body side to side to the smooth unwinding sound however in the event that you listen painstakingly you will understand that Jah Prayzah is singing about visit to a strip club

Here is the evidence:

Line one

“oh darling,ukazunza mazakwatira  watora mari,oh mari mama” 

Translation: when you shake your ass you get all the money

Now this doesn’t need any explanation at all, strippers shake their booty and men throw their money at them. Simple.


Line two


wakanga uripiko inini ndiripo
(where were you all along when i was there?)
coz am falling every minute for you,
i don’t wanna let you go,
baby show me something more,
coz am falling every minute for you,

Another clear evidence of a strip club scene,at this stage the stripper is still in a bit of clothes and Jah Prayzah is dying of curiosity and he begs for more skin: “baby show me something more,coz am falling every minute for you”


Line three

“ah darling,
ndatatamuka kunge ndandi
(i’m stretched out like a rubber band)
inini handichagone
(i can’t take it anymore)”

At this point, Jah Prayzah tells the stripper that her dance moves have fully facilitated for his boner and his pants are about to explode (ndatatamuka kunge ndandi)


Last Line

“mukandiona nda tetereka,rudo rwatambarara serunyemba
(if you see me straying ,it’s because love has spread like a bean plant)
inini ndikatetereka ,musati ndiri rombe amai kani”

Finally, Jah Prayzah falls in love with stripper and he confesses his love for her,knowing how silly that is, he tells his mother that he is not a vagabond he is just simply in love with a lady on the pole and is willing to spend all on her (musati ndiri rombe amai kani)


Now the question that begs is Why would Jah Prayzah dedicate a song to a stripper? Why would the Uzumba-raised man pen a pure ego booster song for the ladies on the pole?

Now that you have a clear understanding of the song,go head and listen again,using the above evidence.-Zimbuzz


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