Joburg Bound album, a true reflection of Tanga’s versatility

Joburg Bound album, a true reflection of Tanga’s versatility

VETERAN township jazz maestro Tanga wekwaSando has released an all-English half-album, Joburg Bound, a compelling reflection on his artistry and versatility.

Tanga WekwaSando
Tanga WekwaSando

Comprised of four songs, the sound is certainly township, purely techno and complemented by heavily synthesised live baselines combined with fast electro-rhythms.

Joburg Bound also has tips of a house feel that the veteran Kora All Music Awards nominee attributes his newly-found vision to create danceable vibes that resonate with world music.

The album certainly has traits that intrigue, the enthusiasm to want to listen to all songs by merely listening to the beat.

The arrangement of sounds is different; the heavy basslines on the songs, together with thought-provoking introspection and lines make up this new influence, making the songs danceable anywhere in the world.

Tracks on the album include the self-titled track Joburg Bound that is so far getting commendable airplay and reviews on local radio stations including ZiFM and Star FM.

The second song is a rendition of the Shona version, Nyenyedzi yeMugovera, that has been translated to Stars of a Saturday Evening.

Many can still remember when Tanga performed the song during the highly-televised Miss Tourism World pageant in 2005.

Besides that the song has been translated into English, the version certainly leaves no trace of any direct translation as the song sounds more refined and thorough.

The other track on this collection is Chachacha, a dance song that speaks about a man loving and admiring his woman for her brilliance in dancing. This song is a typical dance song that stimulates anyone to get in the groove mode just like the song, Hapana Asina Wake.

The last song on the collection is the saxophone mix to the track Joburg Bound.

Simply translated, Joburg Bound is conventional and the whole concept is deeply rooted in Tanga’s belief aimed at achieving world listenership that would pave way for new avenues in his illustrious career.

Meanwhile, the house feel entails more about Tangs’s creativity yet it remains a transformation not meant to take away anything from the artiste he has
always been, but a move meant to produce something unique, challenging to his artistry and a product that would appeal to a global audience.

“My dream has always been about challenging my creativity, my wings, flexibility and freedom as an artiste.

“The fact that I have introduced a house feel does not mean that I have changed from the usual Tanga that fans familiarised themselves with, but the idea is to make unique music appealing to a global audience,” said Tanga.

The title of the album chronicles the narrative of extensive migration of people regionally and internationally to South Africa which, according to the dazzling performer, has become the “African New York”.

To date, Tanga gives credit to the expertise he has accumulated over the years thus it has enabled him to pen this particular project.

He has managed to compile new material with striking content that he intends to release in similar fashion as half-albums in order to allow his music a smooth flow and progression.

Meanwhile, Tanga is spending more time on each song making sure that it resonates with his sound, stature with a focus on producing a product that identifies with the audience and that certainly appeases his fans.

The savvy composure reflected throughout this project makes it one of the albums to savour this year.(Newsday)


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