Perm Sec, Kanyekanye feud over ‘missing’ US$20 000
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Perm Sec, Kanyekanye feud over ‘missing’ US$20 000

ENVIRONMENT, Water and Climate Permanent Secretary Mr Prince Mupazviriwo and suspended Allied Timbers Zimbabwe boss Dr Joseph Kanyekanye are embroiled in a dispute concerning a US$20 000 donation the firm made towards Zanu-PF’s December 2014 National Congress.The money allegedly never reached Zanu-PF.

Dr Kanyekanye accuses the permanent secretary of misappropriating the funds, while Mr Mupazviriwo says the embattled executive should explain what he did with the money.

The ATZ board has suspended Dr Kanyekanye on allegations of corruption, among other issues. Dr Kanyekanye denies the charges.

According to papers submitted on January 16, 2015 to the Labour and Social Services Ministry (Department of Labour Administration) by Dr Kanyekanye’s lawyer Mr Alex Mambosasa, Mr Mupazviriwo allegedly failed to account for the US$20 000 donation.

“I also wish to relate to another recent incident that happened on 26 November 2014, in which again in the presence of a witness, the Permanent Secretary, Mr Mupazviriwo, suggested that donations of US$20 000 released by ATZ for the Zanu-PF Congress be explained as money that went to purchasing dinner tables.

“I listened to him but then immediately wrote a letter confirming the true account of what happened.

“This incident and supporting documents are available from the outgoing (finance director) Caroline Moyo and my (personal assistant) Yollander Chibanda.

‘‘What Permanent Secretary Prince Mupazviriwo asked me to do was falsification of documents. I am curious as to why he wanted me to do this especially when his ministry had written to me indicating that they had not received the US$20 000 donation made by ATZ towards the Zanu-PF Congress,” reads part of the document.

Mr Mambosasa said the ATZ board should launch an independent investigation as to what happened to the money.

Mr Mupazviriwo yesterday denied misappropriating the US$20 000 and said he had documentation proving his innocence.

“Kanyekanye should tell you whom he gave the US$20 000; as a ministry we asked for the donation because we are a shareholder.  Documents can be traced to prove what really transpired,” he said.


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